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Time To 3D is India's first and highest rated 3D printing and advanced manufacturing hub, a platform committed to bridge the gap between technological advancements in 3D printing and public awareness.

Be it our best-in-class miniatures, our expertly curated courses/workshops, or advanced printing and finishing techniques, Time To 3D is one of the most trusted brands by students, consumers and businesses globally.

With over 50 commercial and industrial 3D printers we offer every technology available in the industry along with a variety of material choices.

A message from our founder

Hello Reader,

Covid-19 has delivered a devastating blow to the global economy while also completely changing our way of life. It has put pressure on industries around the world to adopt major structural reforms especially in the supply and distribution chain while continuing to maximize competitiveness.

3D printing companies everywhere have stepped up over the last year and provided millions of face shields, ventilator splitters, safety keys and other protective equipment and novel solutions at breakthrough speeds. The world witnessed the power of 3D printing first hand and industries found a solution to their manufacturing requirements.

With the introduction of 3D printing in metals and the shift from being a primarily prototyping technology to becoming a widely accepted end use technology, I believe, now more than ever, that advancements in this technology must be accessible to everyone.

November 2021

Rahul Shah

Founder & CEO


To become the go to place for everything 3D printing by making all the different technologies and materials available under one roof.


To make 3D printing technology accessible to everyone from students to businesses by providing clear & concise information along with superior service quality.

Today Time To 3D is a one-stop-shop for everything 3D printing.

  • forwardWe sell 3D printers, 3D pens, 3D scanners, filaments and spare parts.
  • forwardWe provide 3D printing services in FDM, SLS, SLA, DLP, DMLS, Binder Jetting, Polyjetting & Multi Jet Fusion.
  • forwardWe provide products in a range of materials such as plastics, resin, wax, nylon, sandstone, metals and even chocolate!
  • forwardWe create miniatures from photographs of our customers & we're the only Bobbleshop franchisee in India.
  • forwardWe conduct workshops/courses on 3D printing.
  • forwardWe setup 3D printing labs at educational institutes.
  • forwardWe even host birthday parties for children at our hub.
  • forwardWe also provide services such as rapid prototyping, vacuum casting, injection moulding, reverse engineering & product conceptualization

Housing state of the art equipment that can cater to both consumers and industries. At Time To 3D, clients have full access to 3D printing technology.

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When it comes to everything 3D printing under one roof, Time To 3D has established itself as one of the most trusted and reliable brand. If you're looking to start your own 3D printing business and want to become a part of a revolution that is on its way to becoming a multi-billion dollar industry then get in touch with us.

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