When it comes to everything 3D printing under one roof, Time To 3D has established itself as one of the most trusted and reliable brand. 3D printing technology is growing at a rapid pace and is on its way to becoming a multi-billion dollar industry.

We are looking for partners that would like to get involved and immerse themselves in this technology. We offer our franchisees the following revenue sources and benefits:

Revenue Sources

  • forward 3D printing services - Our franchisees will be able to provide 3D printing services to single customers as well as multiple industries since we have desktop and industrial 3D printers both.
  • forward Product Sales - Time To 3D franchisees are provided 3D printers, 3D pens, 3D scanners and filaments at attractive margins.
  • forward Education - Since increasing awareness on 3D printing is one of Time To 3D's primary objectives, we constantly undertake courses and workshops.
  • forward Miniatures - Time To 3D is the only Bobbleshop franchisee in India. This unique scanner is provided to our franchisees apart from making other kinds of miniatures.

Benefits of Time To 3D Franchise

  • forward Established and trusted brand name - The values and morals that Time To 3D abides by has made it into a reliable and known brand name within the 3D printing industry in no time.
  • forward Updated products, services and courses - We constantly carry out market research in order to keep up with this fast growing technology. Our franchisees need not worry about the latest developments as we guide them through it.
  • forward Multiple technologies - Our franchisees can cater to not only consumers but also to various industries.
  • forward Marketing material - All our marketing is conducted with specific target audiences in mind. We share all this material and knowledge with our franchisees.
  • forward Backend support - We provide constant backend support to our franchisees guiding them through any issues that they might have.
  • forward Training & Process Know How - We not only train our franchisees but also show them the entire process of 3D printing step by step and handhold them through all the steps.
  • Franchise

    When it comes to everything 3D printing under one roof, Time To 3D has established

  • Reseller

    For people who feel that a franchise might be work and time intensive.

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