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Want To Get Your Own Design 3D Printed?

We Can Cater To All Your 3D Printing Requirements Using A Wide Range Of State-Of-The-Art Desktop And Industrial 3D Printers And That Too In Multiple Material Options.

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Want to get your own design 3D printed?

Whether you are an individual that requires a single 3D print, a company in need of prototypes or a large corporation that's looking for unique gifting solutions, we can cater to all your 3D printing requirements using a wide range of state-of-the-art desktop and industrial 3D printers and that too in multiple material options.

If you would like to 3D print something, select from any of the following options:
We are capable of giving you accurate 3D prints in a wide choice of materials and surface finishes, like plastic, nylon, sandstone, wax, resin, metals (i.e., titanium, gold, silver, brass, bronze) and even chocolate!

There are a range of color options and special properties, like heat sensitivity, translucency, flexibility and metal electroplating for customers to choose from.

We also welcome customers to watch their orders being 3D printed live at our store and witness the capabilities of this technology.

For everything 3D printing, Time To 3D is the right place for you!

3D Printing Technologies We Offer

Fused Deposition Modeling
Selective Laseer Sintering
Stereolithography Apparatus
Multi Jet Fusion
Binder Jetting
Direct Metal Lesar Sintering

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