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3D Printing In Entertainment & Media

3D printing technology is rapidly gaining ground in the gaming, ad film and movie industry. A host of services can be provided for the entertainment industry which include 3D scanning, modelling and printing of related merchandize. Everything from real world or fantasy characters to 3D printed objects that would otherwise be difficult to create can be produced cost effectively. In a business where every product is customized, 3D printing offers quick and agile solutions.

In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the production houses that are using 3D printing technologies to make props, costumes, accessories, concept designs, set designs and even marketing merchandise.
Customized Props & Costumes

Each movie and each advertisement will be different with different characters. 3D printing allows production houses to create unique and customized props and costumes for each character.

Concept Validation

Having a real object on set makes it easier to explain and show what the prop will be used for and how. Basis the feedback iterations can quickly be made till the product fits the requirement of the production house.

Unique Merchandise

3D printing can also empower production houses to stand out from the clutter by making miniatures of the actors or props used in the film.

Complex Set Designs

Since 3D printers are capable of creating complex products at the click of a button, making sets that have never been visually seen before has become a reality for production houses.

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