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  • it could be used as, or form a part of, an offensive weapon or instrument capable of causing harm;
  • it is fraudulent, deceptive, misleading, illegal or unlawful in any way; or
  • it is in any other way inappropriate to appear on or as a 3D printed product.


What kind of files do I need to begin printing?

The 3D digital file needs to be in .stl or .obj file format for us to proceed with 3D printing. A CAD file is a must for 3D printing.

What should I do if I do not have a 3D digital file?

We offer in-house 3D modelling services for customers who do not have a 3D digital file. There are also various websites that allow downloading of digital files for free in .stl format such thingiverse , myminifactory, turbosquid

How much would it cost to print a 3D object?

The cost depends on the time required for the 3D printer to print the object. This would be calculated based on INR per printing hour or based on the cubic centimeter volume of the product depending on the technology applied.

How much time does it take to 3D print any object?

The time it takes for an object to print depends on the size, volume, design complexity, customization, layer heights and infill settings.

What is infill in 3D printing?

Infill is the structure printed internally in the hollow space of the object. Less dense infill percentage saves material and time, whereas higher infill density leads to stronger 3D printed objects.

What is the minimum/maximum size i can print?

There are no restrictions in terms of print size. Prints can range from a few inches to multiple feet.

Can I print objects bigger than build volume?

Yes, this would be possible, by printing the object in several parts and gluing them together.