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3D Printing In Fashion & Lifesytle

The one thing that the fashion industry is known for is the ability to keep reinventing itself to keep up with current trends and design capabilities. In recent years, fashion designers have been using 3D printing as a creative tool for prototyping and even production of their ideas. The growing accessibility of 3D printing has allowed for more creative experiments to pop up on a number of runway shows and gives consumers a new mass customization solution.

3D printing has unleashed a completely new wave of innovation and creativity by combining complex patters and geometries with utmost ease of production. Today designers are 3D printing everything from accessories to shoes to even complete outfits regardless of how complex it might be. 3D printing has the potential to surpass the boundaries of design by turning into reality the most challenging design concepts and bringing us closer to one-off production.

The ability to create garments with exact sizes and curvatures for an accurate fit and personalization stands as a huge benefit to all fashion labels including high-end couture fashion houses. Companies such as Adidas and Under Armour have already started offering their customers customized sneakers.
Customization Possibilities

3D printing offers designers the freedom to create one off designs that are tailor made specifically for the clients. It allows them to express their creativity by printing complex shapes and patterns accurately.

Prototyping And Production Of Complex Patterns

Another advantage of 3D printing is that it allows fashion houses and designers alike to test their designs before going into mass manufacturing. Likewise complex designs too can be printed and tested.

Cost Optimization

Since 3D printing is an additive manufacturing process there is little or no wastage of material which in turn has a positive effect on the bottom line. On-demand printing and manufacturing also drastically reduces warehousing and storage costs.

Faster To Market

Since a designer no longer has to wait to manufacture their designs, they can simply test them out on a prototype and make modifications as required. This allows the designer to quickly make changes and bring the final product to market faster while also aiding a designer in creating more designs within the same time period.

Competitive Advantage

For any fashion company, the ability to create more designs, unique and customized designs as well as personalised one-off designs, that too in a fast and cost-effective method, helps them leverage and differentiate their business from their competition.

Spare Parts For Machinery

Many spare parts of the machinery used for making garments, such as industrial sewing machines, are either very expensive or no longer produced. Some luxury houses have started 3D printing such parts.

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