3D Doodle Pen
3D Doodle Pen
3D Doodle Pen
3D Doodle Pen
3D Doodle Pen
3D Doodle Pen
3D Doodle Pen
3D Doodle Pen
3D Doodle Pen
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3D Doodle Pen

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A 3D pen is a pen that extrudes heated or warm plastic from the pen’s nozzle. You don’t need any software. There are no files to transfer, and no difficult tech to master. In other words, whatever you imagine, you can draw. It goes from your brain, to your hand, right there. Works like a hand-held 3D printer and is suitable for everyone from hobbyists to artists. Easy handling, quick filament color change and smooth extrusion make this 3D pen an ideal gift.

Item Dimension: 3.1(w) x 4.6 (d) x 18.4 (h) cms

Item Weight: 62g 

Assembly Required: No

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 8+

Compatible Material: PLA/ABS

Heating temperature: PLA (165-200C) ABS (210-235C) Input Voltage - 110-240V Operating voltage: 12V 2A. Power adapter: 5V 2A 10W

- 3D Pen for Kids & Adults: A perfect break from the digital world, this 3D Pen offers kids as well as adults the opportunity to develop their creative and artistic skills. Convenient, safe and eco-friendly make this 3D pen the most unique gift for children above 8 years of age.

- Simple Process: Plug in the adaptor to a power supply and connect to the 3D pen and let the pen heat up. Wait until the light in the LCD screen turns green and then load the filament. Once loaded doodle away with the click of a button. Refer to instruction manual for product function diagram and operating instructions.

- Safe to Use: The upgraded 3D Pen is made of heat resilient ABS and features intelligent temperature control and fast heat dissipation technology. The extruded filament cools down almost instantaneously and is very safe for children to use. If the pen is idle for more than 5 minutes then it would switch to auto-sleep mode.

- Material Compatibility: This 3D Pen is compatible with 1.75mm ABS & PLA filaments. Since PLA is an eco-friendly bioplastic we recommend using PLA filaments which are non-toxic and non-irritating and derived from plants. (Note: Please make sure the pen mode match the filament type).

- High Performance: This Upgraded 3D Pen is CE, FCC & ROHS certified and is equipped with advanced unclogging mechanisms and an electric heating ceramic nozzle which drastically reduce the risk of clogging the nozzle.

- Ergonomic Design: While operational the tip of the pen or the nozzle is hot and should not be touched. The pen is ergonomically designed in a way for the fingers to be protected and for the pen to fit in multiple palm sizes. Lightweight & easy to hold with adjustable speed gives the user precise control.


Customer Reviews

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Loved everything about it the color design

Excellent product, works perfectly right out of the box. Product is very good as expected, nice quality

Not only kids but adults also enjoy it

Really enjoying it to make new innovative things of our imagination. It's a must buy product.

Fun to use

It is good that we can use our ideas and establish them using this. It is very fun to use and it will pass your time easily.

Really Amazing product

The packaging was very good. It works very smoothly. Just set the temperature and it will start working. This is the best I could find, very nice.

Value for money.....Reliable built quality

My daughter is very much fond of 3D pens and she has been using them since past couple of years. Time to 3d products seems to be of apt built quality which can be relied upon.