PLA+ Filament Refill Packs (10 Meters x 10 Colors)
PLA+ Filament Refill Packs (10 Meters x 10 Colors)
PLA+ Filament Refill Packs (10 Meters x 10 Colors)
PLA+ Filament Refill Packs (10 Meters x 10 Colors)
PLA+ Filament Refill Packs (10 Meters x 10 Colors)
PLA+ Filament Refill Packs (10 Meters x 10 Colors)
PLA+ Filament Refill Packs (10 Meters x 10 Colors)
PLA+ Filament Refill Packs (10 Meters x 10 Colors)
PLA+ Filament Refill Packs (10 Meters x 10 Colors)
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PLA+ Filament Refill Packs (10 Meters x 10 Colors)

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PLA+ Filament Refill for 3D Printers & 3D Pens - 10 Meters x 10 Colors
- High Quality: Time To 3D PLA+ filament is an upgrade to normal PLA with enhanced required properties for best 3D printing results. PLA+ prints have a superior surface finish and are highly rigid compared to normal PLA.

- Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic: All our PLA filaments are made from 100% renewable resources and are non-toxic and fully biodegradable. Completely harmless to users and the environment.

- Compatibility: Time To 3D PLA+ filament is suitable with practically all 3D pens & printers that consume 1.75mm PLA filament.

- Colors: Colors shown in the images are for representation purposes only. If you would like to order specific colors then please enter your requirement above.
Q: What are 3D Printing Filaments?
A: Filament is the raw material which is used to print the articles in 3D Pens & 3D Printers using FDM technology. 3D Filament material comes in the form of thread wired in spool.

Q: What are PLA Filaments?
A: PLA (Polylactic acid) is biodegradable thermoplastic derived mostly from natural resources such as corn & sugar cane. PLA Filament is easy and safe to use and therefore the most widely used filament in 3D Printing.

Q: Are the colors provided fixed as per the pack selected?
A: We offer a variety of popular colors such as White, Black, Blue, Brown, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Green, Grey, Red & Pink. Each pack has random colors from the above in them.

Q: Can specific colors be ordered?
A: Yes, by entering the colors in the “special instructions for custom colors” box above.

Q: Which temperature is best for 3D PLA Filament?
A: The recommended range of temperature for PLA+ is 190°C – 220°C

Q: How to store the filament?
A: When not in use the filament should be stored in the zip lock bag along with the desiccant provided. Over exposure to moisture in the air could affect the filament over time.

Q: Is the filament vacuum sealed?
A: No, since vacuum sealed bags cannot be resealed once opened, we provide filament refills in resealable zip lock bags so as to ensure the filament does not get exposed to too much moisture.

Q: Does PLA filament degrade in water?
A: No, PLA does not degrade in water.

Q: What 3D pens is this filament compatible with?
A: Time To 3D PLA+ filament can be used in any 3D pen or 3D printer that consumes 1.75mm PLA filament.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Filament is great and nice quality


Ordered this for my child coz he loves creating various stuff using his 3d pen. Great quality. Loved all the colours. Thank you!!!

Vibrant colours

Vibrant beautiful colors. In love with the colours. Perfect quality and quantity. Completly satisfied.

All the colours of the rainbow and more. Really comprehensive selection.

OK so it comes in very generic packaging, however it does contain almost every colour you can imagine. After getting a 3D pen last year I have been looking for a good varied bundle of colours for it so I could make, some really interesting things. This was really good, value for the variety offered. I found a lot of sellers were either offering really small amounts of filimant in colour bundles or large amounts of the same colour. This for me was ideal as it gave a realistic amount of each colour and the amount of colours exceeded my expectation really all the rainbow and more. I'm really looking forward to making loads of new things with it. Our first persuit is to make a forkie off toy story 😂 Challenge accepted. Thank you Time to 3D!!!

Colors are good

Received 10 different colors and they were all nice and bright.